Top Five Vastu Tips for Good Health

An investment in health is one of the best investments one can make towards a peaceful and happy life. Not only does it help to face and overcome challenges in life, proper health can ensure that you experience the highest dimensions of life.

A healthy body and mind are synonymous with a happy life. Maintaining good health is central to the happiness and well-being of all individuals. If one is unhealthy, it leads to wastage of energy, time and resources. Therefore, in order to lead a life full of peace and prosperity, you must take utmost care of your health.

Often we see that a lot of people these days make a lot of effort to remain healthy. From going to the gym, to doing yoga, to eating all sorts of exotic fruits and vegetables, the expenditure one makes to remain healthy has seen a constant increase.

But a lot of times, despite putting in all efforts to remain healthy, you might be facing a lot of challenges when it comes to health.

Have you ever wondered why?

The answer could be an imbalance of Vastu energies in your living space.

Yes! That’s true!

With increasing modernisation and technological advancements, the number and variety of diseases have also increased manifold. In earlier times, the incidence of diseases was much lesser in comparison to what they are today. This is because the construction of houses and entire villages was as per the principles of Vastu.

However, the so called ‘educated’ class these days tends to discard Vastu as a myth. This is without doubt the biggest mistake they do. For thousands of years, it has been proven repeatedly that Vastu is a pure science and not a mere myth.

Vastu imbalance is one aspect people often tend to ignore. While they waste thousands of rupees on medical bills, they simply ignore this aspect of life. In order to overcome health problems, it is imperative that one must follow Vastu principles while constructing a house or buying a flat.

As per Abhishek Khandelwal, Professional Astrology and Vastu Expert in Kolkata – “The ultimate objective of all the ancient sciences like Vastu, Yoga and Ayurveda is to provide a holistic healing system. This system ensures that humans can stay in a healthy state in order to facilitate their evolution”.

Vastu is one of the most extraordinary sciences that exist in the universe. Through the balancing of five elements of nature, Vastu can help in maintaining the healing energies of a building.  This ultimately means better immunity and absence of diseases amongst the residents.

All individuals can reap the benefits of these healing energies of Mother Nature. They simply need to keep their living environment in harmony with the laws of the nature. Though Vastu is not meant to replace medical science, it certainly acts complementary to harness the positive energies.

5 Vastu tips for good health which you must keep in mind:

Avoid a main entrance in South East

The energies of the South East zone are extremely important when it comes to good health. Any imbalance in the form of an entrance here can lead to digestive issues or problems related to the Gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. It can also result in lack of physical energy and confidence.

Thus, it is important to safeguard this zone within the house. Making an entrance here results in the outward flow of healing energies. This ultimately weakens the zone. Thus, one should strictly avoid an entrance here.

Avoid a kitchen in North-East

A kitchen placement in the North East leads to mental disturbances. It seriously impacts one’s ability to think and take decisions. This results in the residents facing disillusionment. They start to feel its impact on the physical layers of the body.

Despite all efforts, there is a shift of the brain’s frequency from the healthy to a diseased one. The energies of north east zone carry healing energies to the brain and different parts of the body. Thus, a kitchen here weakens these energies and thus causes diseases.

Proper placement of the Fire element

The fire element is one of the most crucial elements within nature. Any imbalance of this element is akin to an invitation to diseases. This element represents the South-east to south zones within the house. Within the human body, it represents the digestive fire and the organs of digestion like the liver and gall bladder.

As per Ayurveda, if the digestive system is healthy, no disease can affect the body. The fire element is relates to the solar plexus (Mainpura chakra)- the area around the navel within the human body.

Thus, to ensure that the digestive system stays in good health, one must keep the fire element in balance. Placing the kitchen here is the best thing one can do to ensure that the fire element remains in balance.

 Avoid an underground water tank in South West

There is a predominance of the Earth element in the south west zone. This is the direction responsible in maintaining stability, both physical and mental.

An underground tank in the South West disturbs the earth element. This is one of the worst Vastu defects in a building. Such a defect can lead to serious problems related to the reproductive organs, knees and legs of the residents.

Therefore, one must completely avoid an underground water tank in the South West.

Proper placement of medicines and medical records

An improper placement of medicines and medical reports can lead to a complete failure of improvement in health. As per Vastu Shastra, the zone between the North and North East is one of the most crucial zones to ensure proper health.

The energy fields of this zone have the capacity to heal any disease. They can destroy all illnesses and fears. This zone ensures a proper flow of healing energies throughout the human body. It is also responsible for strengthening the immune system.

As per the scriptures, keeping medicines here will ensure that one rarely needs them. If at all one needs them, they result in faster healing and recovery.


If one tunes the living space well for healing, it can ensure that the energies flowing through the building are duly charged. This can result in the timely healing in case of a disease.

Thus one must duly take care of the above points while designing a house. By doing so, all individuals can ensure that they remain healthy and happy.


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